I had been dabbling with games for a little while, modifying existing games, playing to invent new ones when in 1982 our first inset was published in Jeux et Stratégie. At this time I wore a different name, my first husband's, Jean-Charles Rodriguez. Together we designed games which were mostly signed Los Rodriguez.

For about ten years, I did a bit of this and a bit of that in the gaming world. It was fun and educative. Working in a public library wich had a games section, I quickly developped an adult section and organized gaming happenings. A RPG section came to existence from all this : Brocéliande.

All the while, I kept on working for different publications : Jeux et Stratégie, Casus Belli, Jeux Magazine. As game designer, reviewer, writer... during this time, I took part in the birth of a very small publishing house which itself game birth to the immense "Rêve de Dragon" which is still a mythical game in France. I also worked on the "Empire Galactique" project, published two paperback scenarii for it (Robert Laffont), and ended with visiting the dreaded Cthulhu.

Then I went on the other side of the mirror. The editorial side. After a short spell with Infojeux as editor, I landed with Chroniques d'Outre Monde (the genuine COM i.e. the first fifteen issues ; I am in no case responsible for the latest issues...) This was for real ! It called for more strategy, reflexion, diplomacy and cold blood than any RPG ! It is then that Frédéric Leygonie and I created LORIèN. Philippe des Pallières joined us on year later. Things being what they are (thanks to the latest Chroniques' publishers) it knew the same fate as the Titanic. Then, out with RPG and back to my first love, boardgames (professionally speaking, of course, as I still spend long sleepless nights living weird adventures with strange characters...)

After short commissions with Abalone, Siroz (best known today as Asmodée) and Jouer à Tout as R&D manager, communication manager, production assistant, writer, I decided to become a free-lance. A few more inset games for SNCF (french railways), Terre lointaines, a few more commissioned games for EDF (french electricity board), Cité des Sciences... and more than ever boardgames... I now live on an old farm in Limousin (one mile away from Dordogne...), with two of my children and my husband, Dominique Granger, who manages our small publishing company.


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