"Leader of o powerful country, each player is faced with a harsh struggle in which he tries to develop his own country quicker than its neighbours. But quick industrial growth means pollution. Pollution for everybody, not only for the one responsible for it. In the course of the game you thus observe each country's pollution level affecting the general pollution level which in turn affects back each country's pollution level. A central organization, the U.N., works as a sounding board for the players struggle for power and their different growth policies."

In short, players have to juggle with polluting and non-polluting factories, processing plants, engineers, scientists, diplomats, populations, productions, laws... They have to think, manage and negociate.

We had lots of whacky ideas about this game but there are two I particularly regret : the possibility of inventing new laws and really polluting the playing board. But maybe the players wouldn't have been quite happy about having to buy a new playing board for each new game... And it wasn't very ecological ! Well...

· VERTIGO was designed with Philippe des Pallières, and with a little help from our friends : Duccio Vitale, Yves Fagherazzi, Jean Charles Rodriguez and Pascal Trigaux
· The same Pascal did some beautiful artwork on it. Thanks pascal.
· Publisher : Eurogames (France and Germany)
· For 2 to 4 players 12 years old and up
· I was going to forget : at the time we had the honor of being "selected by Science & Vie Junior".
© 1990