An expression game for young players who must find words relating to a mandatory theme before a phoney bomb explodes. So, what could we find at the zoo, in the sky or on television ?

During the first play-test, in the class-room, someone brightly answered "The teacher's tits !" Anyway I'll remember this first play-test as I had no bomb left in working order, so I kept fumbling with the micro-wawe's timer while the kids were passing an apple around. One of them took a bite off the apple, his neighbour did the same... And the game held on until the last apple ! Luckily, the parents did not complain about belly aches.

· TIC TAC BOUM JUNIOR was designed by me
· Publishers : Piatnik (Austria and Germany), Ravensburger (France), Jumbo (Holland), Gibson Games (England)
· Under license from Week End Games
· For 2 to 12 players 6 years old and up
· Siegerurkunde (5-9 years), Platz 1, Kategorie 1, in Germany
© 2000