It's an expression game, stress-generating, in which players must find words containing mandatory sounds before a bomb (phoney, of course...) explodes between their hands.

The idea comes from an old game called "dans mon corbeillon..." I played with my grand-mother in the Morvan (a french region) when I was a kid. The title came to being after a long and arduous brainstorming : what can we call a game which goes tick, tack and boom ? After lots of stupid ideas, you can see the result !

Besides, I will never understand why a game ends up different when published than it was when designed. A subtle alchemical operation maybe ? For instance, in one of the french versions, the mandatory sounds have to be at the beginning or at the end of the words. In the original version these sounds must not be at the beginning or at the end of the words. It leaves a much greater field. If you feel like it, just try it...

As to the foreign versions, I know nothing about them but the small bomb keeps on ticking, and they told me they sold one and a half million already. Great ! I hope it lasts !

· TIC TAC BOUM was designed with Jean Charles Rodriguez
· Publishers : Piatnik (Austria, Germany, Hungary, Czechoslovaquia, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway), Piatnik America (United-States, Canada, South Africa), Gibson Games (Great-Britain), Grand V then Ravensburger then Goliath (France), Nathan (Spain), Jumbo (Holland), also distributed in Switzerland and in Belgium.
· Under license from Week End Games
· For 2 to 12 players 10 years old and up
· Game Of The Year in Great-Britain and in Denmark, Golden Ace (family games) at Cannes, , Wiener Spiele Mischung
© 1994