Spirou, Spip, Fantasio and the count of Champignac must each bring back two good-luck charms from the mountain top. to do this they have to make two round trips through the unpredictable Giant Mushrooms Valley. Each player takes charge of a character who has special abilities. Upon his turn he must change a mushroom's size and move, or the opposite. But of course, the other characters do their most to hinder him.

A commission game, based upon a famous french cartoon character : Spirou.

· SPIROU ET LES CHAMPIGNONS GÉANTS was designed with Philippe des Pallières, Patrice Pillet and Jean Charles Rodriguez
· Publisher : Jeux Nathan (France)
· For 2 to 4 players 7 years old and up
· Golden Ace (Children Games/8-12 years old) at Cannes
© 1995