What a nice game in such a small box ! Start on the "start" square and finish on the "finish" square has nothing of a fresh idea... Right. But in between, you have to plant cabbages. For that you have no dibble but a "musical cabbage" which emits a weird noise when you press it. And you have to do it with different parts of your body and that's when it gets funny. Of course, you have to choose where to plant the bloody vegetable ; a bit of strategy never hurt anybody.

(I know it sounds like I've lost my marbles, but all of this is based upon an old french nursery rhyme, and don't forget the game is aimed at very small kids.)

· SAVEZ-VOUS PLANTER LES CHOUX ? was designed with Jean Charles Rodriguez
· Illustrations : Th. Garance (aka Titou) and JC Rodriguez
· Publisher : EGD (France) - "Comptines" series
· For 2 to 4 players 5 years old and up
© 1994