In the sizzling savannah, the animals get thirsty and the race to the bar promises to be a harsh competition.

Each player moves a gazelle, a lion and a hippo. Each animal has two kinds of "move card". The lions can feast upon the gazelles, but the hippo's blood curdling cry scares the living daylights out of the most seasoned big cat. Each player has three move cards in front of him, which he keeps secret. On his turn, he can draw another card and play one of the four he has, or he can give the first one out of the deck to an opponent, without looking at it, and take one from him at random. A little bit of strategy, a little bit of memory, and you'll get that cool iced beer !

· SAVANNAH CAFÉ was designed with Frédéric Bloch and Philippe des Pallières
· Artwork (terrific) : François Bruel
· Publisher : Jeux Descartes (France, Germany and United-States)
· For 2 to 4 players 7 years old and up
© 2001

Post-scriptum : Frédéric manages a bistro in Paris, Le Vieux Logis, 68 rue des Dames in the 17th arrondissement. The food is good and you also can play games at his place !