Life in the West, that's what it's all about ! Everything begins when you build your saloon. Next, towns and ranches will rise, miners will settle down and railway tracks will be laid. And now, you're ready for the real life ! Money will stack up, change hands at the poker tables or be robbed from the nearest bank and you'll never forget that black powder smell ! And of course... the richest guy wins !

A boardgame which mixes different kind of gaming pleasures : bluff, tactics, building up your town, some cooperation, a bit of luck and a lot of interaction between players... and all of these combine into lots of atmosphere.

· Rattlesnake City was designed by me
· Artwork : Gérard Mathieu
· Publisher : La Haute Roche
· For 2 to 6 players 10 years old and up
© 2007

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