This game was commissionned by the RATP (Paris board of transportation) in 1986. Players move their markers on a playing board representing the Paris subway and bus networks. Each player has a specific character choosen from the twenty-four available : Architect, Student, Nightclubber, Movie Buff... Children 8 to 10 years old and 10 to 12 years old have access to the Urchin and the Parisian Kid so they are not forgotten. The players must answer question pertaining to their chosen character to move their marker. The first who completes a predetermined circuit wins.

The questions were practical,, historical, cultural, weird... like :

- For the Writer : What kind of animal did Gérard de Nerval take out for a walk at the Palais-Royal ?
- For the Musician : In which famous club did Boris Vian play jazz ?
- For the Gravekeeper : What did Cyrano of Bergerac and Molière have in common ?

· PARIS ZOOM was designed with Jean Charles Rodriguez. Pierre Darrot (RATP), the City of Paris, the magazine l'Etudiant were also involved in it.
· The characters were drawn by french artist Tignous. Thanks, Bernard.
· Publisher : Jeux Descartes (France)
· For 2 to 4 players 8 years old and up
© 1987









A lobster

The Tabou Club (Dauphine street, in the sixth arrondissement)

The two of them used to go and tickle the corpses' feet at the Arbre Sec street gallows, in the first arrondissement