Children are taking a walk in the forest and try to make a nice bunch of flowers. But while they are strolling around, the wolf is getting dressed and ready to gulp them down ! When a child gets caught by the wolf, he puts on a wolf's mask and tries to eat another child who will then become the wolf.

Luckily, ther are safe places, luckily, there are hunters, unluckily children are good-natured and offer flowers to everyone they meet...

An audio cassette was included, which had "loup y es-tu ?" and two other traditional children songs on it.

· LOUP Y ES-TU ? was designed with Jean Charles Rodriguez
· Artwork : Th. Garance (aka Titou) and JC Rodriguez
· Publisher : EGD (France) - "Rondes et chansons" series
· For 2 to 4 players 6 years old and up
© 1994