La Griffe & le Croc is not a game !
La Griffe & le Croc is a book.
A book in wich you will find a fantasy novel and a role playing game.

A novel which takes place in a world full of legends. you will find in it a carefree young acrobat, a weird couple of merchants selling pans and pots, a man from the north haunted by his fate, a crazy old woman and much more. Magic, swordfights, beer, whisky, love, humour and melancholy contribute to its flavour. And, of course, the howling of the wolves...

A complete RPG meant to be used by seasoned players, with a simple general and combat system, but a quite complex magic system with no predefinite spells, a system in wich the players build their own spells. This set of rules can be used with the universe depicted in the novel or with any other medieval fantasy settings.


· LA GRIFFE ET LE CROC was wrritten with Dominique Granger
· Publisher : La Haute Roche
© 2005