Also known as "Turlututu chapeau pointu", but the publisher would not hear about it ! He used to become red as a well-cooked lobster...

All of this took place in an ancient realm where magic was held in great respect. Eight Universities were dedicated to it and their champions met in an annual contest to win the royal subsides.

Thus, these magicians have to cast as quickly as possible spells which enliven -or upset- the game.

There are four levels of spells, needing from one to four components, such as an Ogre's Beard, Vampire's Fangs and others which I won't speak about.

First level spells don't go further than forfeits, but the other levels play havoc on the game. With 112 cards (components, artefacts and so on) the players have to sort it out for themselves !

· ELIXIR was designed with Frédéric Leygonie and Jean Charles Rodriguez
· Illustrations (wow !) : Bernard Bittler
· Publishers : Asmodée (France), Cutting Edge under the name of MIXTUR (Germany) and Mayfair Games (United-States)
· Under license from Week End Games
· For 3 to 8 players 12 years old and up
· Golden Ace at Cannes

Three add-ons followed up, designed with Frédéric Leygonie and as always illustrated by Bernard Bittler.
ALAMBIC : new artefacts, new spells...
MANDRAGORE : places where you can find missing components and win other goodies...
ALCHIMIE : or how to transmute cards to get surprising results...
They also have been packaged together in : LA COMPIL'

If you missed an add-on, quickly run at :