It's a small troll game, designed by a troll, played by trolls.

What is the trolls' favorite game ? Player characters !

Thus, when playing Dindons & Dragons, you hunt down adventurers, you spit them and roast them. All the while, you try to collect the more you can of your specific Game of Predilection (favourite dish), to gain GPs (victory points).

All of this calls for dexterity, memory and awareness, points which we didn't suspect being possessed by trolls, up to now.

Of course, Dindons & Dragons is a tribute to Dungeons & Dragons ©, the grand old-timer of all RPGs, which we, old-timers as we are, still play in spite of more than twenty years of practice.

· DINDONS & DRAGONS was designed by me
· Artwork (marvellous !) : Didier Guiserix
· Publisher : La Haute Roche
· For 3 to 6 trolls 10 years old and up
© 2003

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