Wipable plastic slates, easy to carry, for two players, anywhere.


With these ground rules given by Nathan, six refurbished classic games, and fourteen original ones.

The themes were quite different and the games mechanics also : letter games, strategy games, reflection games... For ages seven and up, with progressive difficulty levels. You can try Odd-Even if you like (great for whiling away th time during a boring lecture ) :

Draw a square 10 by 10 squares large. The first player writes "1" in any of the hundred squares, at his choice. The second player writes 2 in a neighbouring square following the knight's rules of displacement at chess : starting from the "1" square he counts up three square and two squares at right-angle. He must write his number in an empty square. The first player then inscribes "3" following the same rule, starting from the "2" square, and so on. The first player who cannot write his number loses.

· The two CLUB VOYAGE were designed with Philippe des Pallières, with help from Frédéric Leygonie, during the LORIèN agency hectic days...
· Publisher : Jeux Nathan (France)
· For 2 players 7 years old and up
© 1989