It is a connection game in which luck has no place. All the players build together a "casbah" with "room" and "garden" tiles. The rooms have door(s) or door(s) and french window(s) and have a value which represent the difficulty to place them in the casbah.
After having chosen the size of their future casbah and their tiles, the players try to lay them according to the construction rules. Of course, each tries to use first his "expensive" tiles while hindering his fellow players. Everybody chooses his risk level, manages it and the player who will have found the best combination of reflection and strategy will win.

CASBAH, played solo, becomes a chinese puzzle with which everyone can try himself with any kind of challenge.

· CASBAH was designed by me
· Artwork : David Cochard
· Publisher : La Haute Roche
· For 1 to 4 players 10 years old and up
© 2004

(Casbah means house in arabic.)