It is a game of atmosphere and exchanges, cheerful and noisy as a real marketplace.
Each player tries to gain a maximum of identical product cards to get the highest price for them. They also can buy "Carambouille" cards which will spice sales and exchanges.
Ding-a-Ding ! The First Trader rings the bell and all kinds of exchanges take place : tomatoes, lavender, "saucisson", cheese, olive oil... these products change hands until Ding-a-Ding ! the bell tolls anew when the First Trader decides it.
To cut a long story short, a funny game unsuitable for sleepy-heads and in which talking loud is an asset !

(Carambouille means fraudulent conversion in french)

· CARAMBOUILLE was designed by me
· Artwork : David Cochard
· Publisher : La Haute Roche
· For 3 to 7 players 10 years old and up
© 2004