Imagine a nice, clean and tidy house... Now, imagine two to six children living in this house with no other idea than drop stuff everywhere and in a general way make a havoc of everything... Then, imagine Mom, Pop and Granny tracking the kids everywhere to make them tidy up ! That's it, this is CAPHARNAÜM, a boardgame in which each player moves a kid through the house with the only aim of getting rid of his "stuff" counters. But each player also gets to move the grown-ups to hinder his brothers and sisters (and to be left alone !).
CAPHARNAÜM is a family game in which seasoned players will quickly see the interest of alliances, to the utter dismay of their fellow players !

· CAPHARNAÜM was designed by me.
· Artwork : Guiseppe Severino
· Publisher : Asmodée Editions
· For 2 to 6 players 10 years old and up
© 2004

(Capharnaüm means junk room in french)