Memories are getting fuzzy... I was a young lassie. Anyway, here are the titles :

· Jeux & Stratégie, inset games
: poor little tortoises made of hexes, crawling on a breeding-ground made of...hexes and who desperatly tried to save their offspring. To what lengths you have to go when you were not especially hypnotized by wargames...
Cortège officiel : a dark and sinister story about an attempted murder.
Ball-Roll : Rollerball's remake.
Cosmopoly-Mégalopoly : or how to litter your carpet with little bits of paper.
La croisière d'Aphrodite : I don't remember anything about it.

· Jeux & Stratégie, others
Big Brother
Chateaux et Chevaliers

· Casus Belli, inset games
Objetif CCT 001 :
it was fun, you played it with an oversized 20 sided (or was it 10 sided ?) die made of cardboard !
La maison hantée
Colorado Smith et le sacré temple :
it was in those days when Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (?) had just been released. The pun was bad, but we hadn't much time to find something...
Pour l'amour d'une reine