Two years and a half working on the best RPG magazine ever published ! I know, I'm laying it on a bit, but well... Two years and a half and three different publishers. The first one was perfect but he quickly went bankrupt over COM, the following two were interested in it only as long as it entitled them to keep on their sex-by-"minitel" business. (I'm not the one who makes French Press Laws...) Anyway, it was fine by us , they never interfered with the editorial policy and we only heard from them when they wanted us to squeeze expenses and budgets, and as we already operated on a shoestring basis... I was then dubbed with lots of pompous titles wich meant nothing as I did a bit of everything ranging from editor to advertisement saleswoman, including charwoman.

All in all, it was a great period ! It was the I met my husband (one of COM's founding members, and the one who designed this beautiful web site), the great Pierre Zaplotny (who longs to spend a troll-slaying week-end with us but who never has time enough) and the fabulous Prof. Pelleau (who still comes each fortnight to role-play) ; and many others, writers, artists, all top-notch in their field.