Although it can create a turmoil in little heads, this one relies upon a simple system : one "start" square, one "1/2/3 Bois" square, one "4/5/6 Cerises" square, one "7/8/9 Panier Neuf" square, one "10/11/12 Toutes Rouges" square and a "Finish" square - 3 markers per player and one twelve sided die to advance, the winner being the first one to get all his markers to the "Finish" square.

But one may have to make an opponent's marker advance, or make one of his markers go back to win. Much more complicated than it looks...

(As the game is based upon a french nursery rhyme, each square is named after part of the rhyme. That's why it may look weird to those who don't know all about french kindergarten lore...)

· 1, 2, 3 J'IRAI DANS LES BOIS was designed with Jean Charles Rodriguez
· Illustrations : Th. Garance (aka Titou) and JC Rodriguez
· Publisher : EGD (France) - "Comptines" series
· For 2 to 4 players 6 years old and up
© 1994